Dr. Paglialonga is a passionate teacher and regularly presents master classes around the world.  If you are interested in having Dr. Paglialonga present a master class at your school please contact him directly to arrange a time he can visit.

Phillip Paglialonga’s master classes are unique in the truest sense of the word. His passion for the clarinet shines through everything that he discusses, and the students remain 100% engaged during every moment. He is ready for an animated and engaging discussion no matter which way the theme of the class turns. Phillip does refer at times to quotes by the great clarinet pedagogues of the past, but what really comes through above everything is Phillip’s own individual views on playing the clarinet and making music. His classes are truly inspirational. It also doesn’t hurt that Phillip so happens to be a phenomenal recital clarinetist.
— Tod Kerstetter • Kansas State University
Working with a young Polish student at ClariMania in Wrocław.
The students, faculty, and administration absolutely loved having Dr. Phillip Paglialonga visit the Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School. His charismatic and fun way of presenting, to all of our music majors, the subject of “Practice Techniques” was a topic of discussion among the student body for weeks after his visit. The clarinet studio also loved Dr. Paglialonga’s master class and has grown tremendously as a studio because of his thought-provoking workshop.
— Todd Goodman • Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School (Midland, PA)
I was fortunate to host Phillip Paglialonga for a master class with my clarinet studio at Cleveland State University. His class was thoughtful, creative, and informative for both participants and audience members. I would recommend this valuable experience to any educators seeking to enhance their students’ knowledge.
— Ellen Breakfield-Glick • Cleveland State University