About Clarinetist Phillip O. Paglialonga

About Clarinetist Phillip O. Paglialonga

  Now Available from Imagine Music Publishing

Now Available from Imagine Music Publishing

  Clarinet Studies at UNT

Clarinet Studies at UNT


“a fantastic overview of fundamentals...
a must for clarinetists and educators alike




Faculty • university of north texas
Clarinetist • PEN Trio
Artist • Buffet crampon
Artist • Gonzalez Reeds


Clarinetist Phillip O. Paglialonga has quickly emerged as one of the leading performers and pedagogues of his generation. His book, Squeak Big: Practical Fundamentals for the Successful Clarinetist was released in August 2015 by Imagine Music Publishing and has garnered significant praise from leading clarinetist including prominent members of the orchestras in Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Seattle, as well as stellar reviews in several major publications.

As a performer he has appeared on four continents and regularly appears throughout North America and abroad. His performances have been heard on National Public Radio, the CBC in Canada, TGW in Guatemala, CBMF in Cuba, as well as several other regional radio and television stations. He has visited dozens of universities to present recitals and classes, and is regularly invited to perform at venues around the world.  Recent highlights include performances at Bellas Artes Guatapé, ClarinetFest,  ClariBogotá, ClariMania, College Music Society, Cranbrook Concert Series, Festival Internacional de Música Alfredo de Saint Malo, Fiesta de los Clarinetes, International Double Reed Society, Society for Electro-Acoustic Music, Tutti New Music Festival as well as concerts in China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Israel, Panama, Spain, Thailand, and Trinidad.

He is a founding member of the PEN Trio, which is a woodwind trio that regularly tours both in North America and abroad. The trio recorded its debut album, Found Objects, in New York City, which is slated for commercial release in 2018.  The album includes new works by composers William Bradbury, Jenni Brandon, M. Shawn Hundley and Aleks Sternfeld-Dunn. In partnership with TrevCo Publishing, the group also curates the PEN Trio Collection, which makes new works as well as critical editions of existing works available to a wider audience. Highlights of the 2017-8 season include concerts in Costa Rica, India, Panama, and the United Kingdom; as well as domestic tours in Arizona, Indiana, and Michigan.

As an orchestral musician he has been a member of the Haddonfield Symphony, Sarasota Opera Orchestra and the Walt Disney World Orchestra.  He has also appeared with numerous other orchestras including the: Charleston Symphony (SC), Chicago Civic Orchestra, Concertante di Chicago, Florida Orchestra, Fort Wayne Philharmonic, Kalamazoo Symphony, New World Symphony, Orlando Philharmonic, Richmond Symphony, Sarasota Orchestra, and Windsor Symphony (Ontario). He has also participated in numerous summer festivals including the National Repertory Orchestra, the Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara, and Lake George Opera in Saratoga, New York.

In the fall of 2018 he will be joining the faculty at the University of North Texas as Associate Professor of Clarinet. Dr. Paglialonga is an artist for both Buffet Crampon and Gonzalez Reeds. 




Squeak Big is filled with healthy, concise, no-nonsense advice, as well as some great tips and tricks. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to advance their relationship with the clarinet.
— Samuel Caviezel • Associate Principal Clarinet, Philadelphia Orchestra
Squeak Big provides valuable advice for players at every stage of development, with easy, practical methods, useful exercises, and even a bit of historical context. I’ve already been able to incorporate many of these ideas, not only into my teaching, but also into my own playing!
— Ralph Skiano • Principal Clarinet, Detroit Symphony
Squeak Big is a wonderful resource for student and teacher alike. In it, Dr. Paglialonga provides helpful insights on clarinet playing from the fundamentals of producing a beautiful sound to hints on practicing in real life situations. His methodical approach helps to demystify clarinet playing and is geared toward helping improve both technique and musicianship. A must-have for any clarinetist’s library!
— Benjamin Lulich • Acting Principal Clarinet, Cleveland Orchestra
I would recommend Squeak Big to anyone wanting to improve or better understand the fundamentals of sound clarinet playing.
— Carey Bell • Principal Clarinet, San Francisco Symphony
Phillip Paglialonga’s book, Squeak Big, is full of useful information. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking for practical ways to become a better clarinetist!
— Alexander Fiterstein • Prominent International Soloist
Phillip Paglialonga has written a thoughtful and detailed analytical treatise on playing the clarinet. He communicates from a thorough knowledge of the instrument and its workings. This volume is a valuable reference for teachers and performers alike, replete with numerous practical suggestions and exercises. If only every clarinet player could digest the information Dr. Paglialonga sets forth herein, good solid foundations would be formed and bad habits easily prevented.
— John Bruce Yeh • Assistant Principal Clarinet, Chicago Symphony
Squeak Big is a treasure trove of useful clarinet wisdom. Phillip Paglialonga presents practical, time-tested fundamentals in a way that is thoughtful, innovative, and compelling. I highly recommend this book to any clarinetist seeking new ideas, pedagogical clarity, or renewed inspiration.
— Timothy Phillips • Troy University
Dr. Paglialonga has the marvelous ability to take complex ideas and present them clearly and concisely. Squeak Big is full of fresh approaches to mastering the instrument to help free your musical voice. Highly recommended!
— Rob Patterson • Acting Principal Clarinet, Baltimore Symphony
 Click  here  to read the full review of  Squeak Big  in  The Clarinet  (the journal of the International Clarinet Association).

Click here to read the full review of Squeak Big in The Clarinet (the journal of the International Clarinet Association).

Squeak Big is excellent and I’m sure it will be of great value to many players. Phillip Paglialonga explains so many of the fundamentals in a very clear, concise way. Bravo!
— Larry Guy • Prominent Pedagogue
Every clarinet studio should have this book available for all students: an amazing source of all clarinet basics one needs to know to become an great clarinet player.
— Stephan Vermeersch • Prominent International Soloist; President, European Clarinet Association
Squeak Big is a valuable resource for serious high school and college level clarinetists, providing useful tips, information, and exercises to help students achieve a thoroughly informed approach to the clarinet.
— Suzanne Tirk • University of Oklahoma
Squeak Big reinforces sound fundamentals of clarinet playing with clear explanations and useful exercises. It will be a staple in my studio at Marshall University and in many others around the country very soon.
— Ann Bingham • Marshall University
  Click   here   to read the full review of   Squeak Big   in  VMEA Notes  (the journal of the Virginia Music Educators Association).

Click here to read the full review of Squeak Big in VMEA Notes (the journal of the Virginia Music Educators Association).

Squeak Big is a worthy addition to the body of resources for clarinetists. It describes the essential components of successful clarinet playing with clear, concise explanation and helpful photographs. Dr. Paglialonga includes interesting quotations from historical pedagogues and a fine list of resources. Exercises that he suggests for mastering concepts are both helpful and beneficial. Readers can readily grasp these exercises. I will certainly recommend this excellent resource to clarinet students and teachers alike.
— Kimberly Cole Luevano • University of North Texas
    Click  here  to read the full review of  Squeak Big  in Michigan Music Educator (the journal of the Michigan Music Education Association).


Click here to read the full review of Squeak Big in Michigan Music Educator (the journal of the Michigan Music Education Association).

A great publication detailing clarinet fundamentals. A must for educators, high school through college
— Maxine Ramey • University of Montana; President, International Clarinet Association
 Click  here  to read the full review of  Squeak Big  in  Ala Breve  (publication of the Alabama Music Educators Association).

Click here to read the full review of Squeak Big in Ala Breve (publication of the Alabama Music Educators Association).

 Click  here  to read the full review of  Squeak Big  in  Music Educators Journal  (publication of the National Association for Music Education).

Click here to read the full review of Squeak Big in Music Educators Journal (publication of the National Association for Music Education).

This book reminds us of the importance of coming to back to the clarinet basics. An excellent tool for students and professional musicians.
— Jose Garcia-Taborda • Prominent South American Clarinetist